Herd Health Programs

Vaccine Programs

We can tailor a vaccine program for both cows and calves to your specific herd. We will use historical disease information, herd size, calving season and marketing plan to determine the best vaccines and timing for your herd.

Parasite Control

We can tailor a parasite control program based on risk, timing and cost to provide a cost effective plan. Monitoring Fecal Egg Counts may be part of that control plan to assess need and effectiveness of the current plan.

Calf Processing

Many of our producers have us involved with castrating, dehorning, tagging and vaccinating calves at or near weaning. We are excited to offer our portable handling system to allow more producers to process calves in a safe, efficient and cost effect manner. We are also happy to provide training in some of these procedures. We would like to help create a processing plan for every farm to determine the best methods and timing for these procedures and meet the code of practice standards for timing and pain control. We also offer technical assistance along with the veterinarian to offer a second set of trained hands to make processing go more smoothly.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

The most expensive cow on any farm is the one who doesn’t calve. We highly recommend that every herd pregnancy checks all cows annually. We offer ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis as soon as 28 days after breeding, which is of great benefit for farms without a bull and great information for purebred breeders selling AI bred animals.

Timed AI Programs

We can advise you on the best synchronization program for your situation and help you implement the program.

Breeding Soundness Examinations

A sub-fertile bull can wreak havoc on next year’s calving season. We offer full Breeding Soundness Examinations on bulls including physical exam, electro-ejaculation and microscopic semen evaluation. We highly recommend examining all bulls prior to turn out, and offer discounted rates for groups of young bulls prior to bull sales.

Individual Sick Cattle

We provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment tools for individual sick cattle. We try to train producers to do as much diagnosis and treatment as they are comfortable with. With over 50 years of combined experience, we can tailor individual sick animal treatments for what works for you and your animals. We are happy to provide on-farm visits or consultations over the phone for established clients.


We provide 24/7 care for our patients. We know that calvings, prolapses and other critical emergencies happen, and we are here to provide assistance when required.