Herd Health

We offer reproductive services with ultrasound pregnancy detection on a schedule to meet each herd’s needs. We can diagnose pregnancies at 28 days gestation. As part of these visits we will discuss strategies to optimize your herd’s pregnancy rate including reproductive control programs for timed AI. We believe that every herd is different, and try to tailor programs to each individual farm, and sometimes cows within the herd.

We have access to Dairy Comp 305 for herds on DHI testing, and monitor these records for trends and changes within your herd. These records allow us to be involved in monitoring udder health and recommend changes to your udder health plan and individual cow treatment decisions.

We are all certified CQM program trainers and can help you prepare for CQM validation and keep prescriptions and other records up to date for ongoing audits.

Disease prevention is an important part of any herd health plan. Talk to us about your vaccination, dry cow treatment, parasite control, transition cow and calf health programs.

Individual Cows

We have over 50 years of combined experience in treating medical and surgical conditions of dairy cattle. It is our goal to have clients as involved in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases as they are comfortable with. We have a wide range of clients, some do lots of treatments on their own and some are more comfortable having us look at most individual sick cows.

As a small team, we are all aware if a farm is struggling with a specific disease more commonly than they should and put a high priority on fixing the cause, not just curing each individual sick cow. With our alliance with Cheltenham Veterinary Centre, a veterinarian is available to examine sick cows and emergencies 24/7.


We feel that as veterinarians, we are best able to play a supportive role in your herd’s nutrition plan. We work with a broad range of nutrition companies to provide a TEAM approach to nutrition problems. As regular eyes on the farm, we can provide insight a nutritionist or feed rep does not always have. We like to leave the intricacies of balancing the ration and providing cost effective supplementation to the experts.


As with nutrition, we like to take a team approach with farm staff and professional hoof trimmers. We offer individual cow lameness diagnosis and corrective trimming. We also want to be on the team to sort out any herd level problems.

Facility Design

Upgrading or building new facilities is a critical time to get things right. We can help provide experience on what has and hasn’t worked on other farms we work with, and provide data to help make wise decisions.

Dr. Crawford has completed training through the Dairyland Initiative on Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems for youngstock and can help improve ventilation to young calves. We also offer ventilation assessment through smoker analysis and ammonia testing.


We provide 24/7 care for our patients. We know emergencies happen, and are here to provide assistance when required.