Herd Health Programs

Vaccination Programs

We tailor vaccination programs for each barn we work with, and groups of horses with different needs in each barn. We feel every horse should receive vaccinations for Rabies and Tetanus each year and also offer protection against West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis Viruses, Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, and Strangles.

Parasite Control

We offer in house Fecal Egg Counts to determine which horses require deworming, and to monitor the effectiveness of treatments. Contact us to discuss the ideal timing of deworming and parasite monitoring for your horses.


The dental care of your horse is important to ideal performance and maintenance of weight. We offer powerfloat dentistry for both routine and more extensive correction. Dr. Waelchli also performs hand floating for routine correction. We recommend annual examination of each horse’s teeth and floating as required.


We offer a full range of reproductive services including Breeding Soundness Examinations, ultrasound assisted timing of breeding, fresh and frozen semen artificial insemination, early pregnancy diagnosis, twin reduction, and evaluations of sub-fertile mares. We tailor the needs of each farm and horse to optimize the reproductive success of your mares. We work closely with Iron Horse Equine to facilitate the collection of frozen semen for international shipment. We also provide assistance foaling and managing newborn foals.


We offer a wide range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions of your horses. We have access to the medical experts at the Ontario Veterinary College for consultations and referrals of difficult or unusual cases. We use both the Animal Health Lab and Idexx for laboratory evaluations.


Routine surgeries such as castrations, eye enucleations, mass removal, and laceration repairs can be performed on-farm. We refer surgical cases to the Ontario Veterinary College and Milton Equine Hospital as needed.


We evaluate lameness on-farm including visual gait analysis, nerve blocks and radiology. Complicated cases are referred to local lameness experts and referral hospitals.

Pre-Purchase Examinations

Purchasing a horse is a major decision, and evaluating the health and soundness of potential purchases is highly recommended. We perform a complete physical examination, examination of joints and tendons, and a lameness evaluation including hoof testers, lunging, and flexion tests. Further diagnostics including blood testing and radiographs are performed as needed.


We offer 24/7 emergency care for our client horses. While we can manage many emergencies on-farm such as medical colics, lacerations, acute illness, and allergic reactions we also refer emergencies to local hospitals when more care is required.