Dufferin Veterinary Services was established in 1948 when Dr. Murray Dudgeon graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College and returned home to Orangeville. Small Animal care became an important part of the practice during the 1970s and 1980s under the management of Drs. Joe Wilson and Wally Pugh, who separated Dufferin Veterinary Hospital for Pets in 1990. Dufferin Veterinary Services and Dufferin Veterinary Hospital operated together out of the office at 24 Armstrong St. in Orangeville from 1972 until 2019.

Dufferin Veterinary Services owes a debt of gratitude to former managing partners Drs. Dan Scorgie, Tom Armstrong, and Ted Slumskie and numerous associates for continuing the standard of excellent care established by Dr. Dudgeon. Dr. Rex Crawford purchased the practice from Dr. Slumskie in January 2006.

Since 2004, we have maintained a terrific relationship with Cheltenham Veterinary Centre – Drs. George Wood and David Kirkham and associates – where after hours emergencies are shared between the doctors at each practice. This allows us to provide excellent emergency service to our clients, while allowing the doctors to enjoy life away from work.