Breeding Soundness Evaluations

We offer Breeding Soundness Evaluations (BSE) for bulls, rams, bucks and stallions. These Evaluations are generally performed on-farm from our mobile trailer/laboratory. Evaluations include examination of the whole animal for soundness, the sexual organs and collection of a semen sample. The semen sample is generally collected using electroejaculation. We then evaluate the semen for both motility and normal morphology (sperm shape).

Our mobile laboratory allows us to provide consistent and affordable results in less than ideal weather conditions. We travel outside our regular service area to provide BSE services for those that require it.

Semen Freezing

Dufferin Veterinary Services is the most experienced provider of Owner’s Use Only semen freezing in Ontario. We are lucky to work with Deb Ottier at Iron Horse Equine, who works with us to do the semen freezing. Deb has years of experience working with Stallion semen and has a Master’s Degree in semen physiology.

We provide semen freezing services for Cattle, Sheep and Goats. CFIA accredits the Owner’s Use Only Semen Laboratories. There are no health testing or isolation requirements. Only the owners (or leasees) of animals are allowed to possess the semen, so no semen can be sold after the freezing is done, and it is not exportable.

Most bulls are collected at the laboratory located at Iron Horse Equine 9526 1st Line Nassagaweya, Moffat (Milton). We use electroejaculation so that bulls do not have to be trained to an artificial vagina. We are set up to collect both young and mature bulls in a chute so halter breaking is not necessary. Collections at your farm can be arranged if necessary.

Rams and Bucks are generally collected on-farm using a teaser female and artificial vagina. We have an electroejaculator if AV collection is not possible.